During the early 20th century, covered wagons and horse-drawn sleighs pulled up to the doors of the tiny Stevensville Post Office so rural route mail carriers could load up and deliver the mail from Kent Island’s Love Point to Kent Point.
As in many small towns, the Old Stevensville Post Office served as a gathering spot for townspeople to share news or pass the time. The little shot-gun-style building, which was first noted on an 1877 map, served as the Stevensville Post Office until the 1950s. Old records show that at one time the government paid rent of $18.75 per month and it cost $25 per year to heat the 730 square foot building.

Situated on the east side of Love Point Road in Historic Stevensville, the Old Stevensville Post Office was acquired by the Kent Island Heritage Society in 1997. Gold in color, gable end to the street, and trimmed with white gingerbread eaves, the Old Stevensville Post Office continues to serve as the society’s headquarters.